Meet with Thuen Soknov

2023-06-07 04:47:13 Story of Change

I know PNKS through a team leader of the CIDG who offered me the opportunity as youth volunteering in my community. This work touches my interest as I always dream to work for my community. I gave myself a chance by accepting this opportunity. One step moving from volunteering to a new role as an administrator with the community initiative for development group (CIDG). I was elected by the group members to play this role. I was so excited. Since then, I actively participated in community activities supporting by PNKS, whenever possible.

I used to be a youth living in this commune without role and responsibility, unemployed. When I was young, I used to suffer from domestic violence in my family which affected my mental health. I isolated myself from others. I did not like meeting people because I did not feel confident to see them. I did not have any friends and I was wordless. I felt lonely, hopeless and lack of support from my family. Moreover, I am a single mother of a 5-year-old son.

I proud of myself that I overcome my past situation. I am seen as an equal in the society. This change not only benefits me, but also my son because I want to show him love and that I am a strong mom. In addition, I am able to help my community and other youth as a facilitator in monthly meeting and other trainings.

I become a new person, living with hope and a smiling face when I join in a team with CIDG. I can see that I am brave and confident to talk or meet with new people. I became a strong woman now, and I learn a lot from my team (CIDG) as well as PNKS staff. I have a new life.

PNKS project gives me mental support, knowledge and experience through trainings, meetings. Besides, PNKS staff always visit me and motivate me to try something new and that I could facilitate training for my community people.‚Äč PNKS project makes people doing something important for themselves in addition to providing livelihood support, like growing vegetable, raising frogs, chicken...Better relationship makes people live happy. I think if we did not get involved with PNKS project we might not grow.

I have noted that youth capacity is increasing. Some of them can think out of the box and strong. People in the community have good relationship and supportive.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, PNKS and your supporters for your charity work in my community and I hope to see youth in my community grow to be better persons in society as a whole.


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